Our Firm

The Potocsny Financial Group LLC is built on the lessons of the past, the streams of the present, and our excitement for the future.

The Past

Potocsny, which translates to “small creek”, was a proud Hungarian family living in a Hungary throughout the 19th century.  In October of 1956, demanding a better way of life, the Potocsny family took part in protests and demonstrations throughout Budapest.  The Hungarian revolution was born out of the need for citizens to be free and allowed to prosper through the democratic process and capitalistic opportunities. 

In November of 1956 the Russian army cracked down on the revolution, so with a child in their hands Julius & Katalin Potocsny escaped on foot, through the snow, over the mountains and into Austria with a vision of a better life. 

Arriving in the United States by cargo plane and with little money in their pocket; The Potocsny family pledged to always practice the golden rule and work hard for a better future.  Katalin began hand peeling tomatoes at a local ketchup company and Julius began working at a local chemical engineering plant.

Julius Potocsny became a well know Director in the commercial and documentary film industry and Katalin or “Zsa Zsa”, as she was known, was legendary in her love and hospitality... “Darling”. 

In 1993 their son, Mark J. Potocsny began working in the finance industry and apprenticed under Alfredo DeGennaro at the St. Louis based A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc. 

An Italian immigrant himself, Alfredo taught Mark the skills of equity trading and risk management.   Working with retail clients while trading equities, bonds and alternative investments; Mark began building a reputation of his own.

Since entering the industry Mark Potocsny has helped private clients navigate Y2K, the “tech wreck” stock market crash of 2002, 9/11, The War on Terror, 2008 Credit Crisis, the Great Recession, and a Global Pandemic.  Five Presidents and 7 Presidential elections.  Over those years Mark worked for A.G. Edwards, Wells Fargo, and Morgan Stanley.

Today Mark Potocsny is still leading investors through the maze of news, economic cycles, and volatility with an eye on risk, while helping clients meet their financial goals and investment objectives.

A generation later, Mark J. Potocsny introduced his son, Alexander M. Potocsny to the business of helping others build their financial future.  Alex has been apprenticing for his father since 2018. Today, having completed his B.S. in Finance and meeting all regulatory requirements, Alexander M. Potocsny is a fully licensed Financial Advisor and important member of our team.

In 2021, Mark and the group decided it would be best to help clients under their own private practice.  The Potocsny Financial Group LLC was created. PFG & PFGCT became affiliated with International Assets Advisory and selected RBC and RBC Capital Markets for clearing and custody of assets.

The Present

Presently, the Potocsny Financial Group is based out of Cheshire Connecticut and is helping private clients through this period of war in Europe and rising interest rates.

Mark J. Potocsny continues to be the lead manager.  Alex Potocsny works as financial advisor ensuring that portfolios are monitored, and economic developments are reviewed. Their assistant Mary Gunn is a registered assistant and helps ensure that all account servicing is completed in a timely fashion and with the golden rule in mind.

The Future

Potocsny Financial Group LLC is excited for the future, and future opportunities. Potocsny Financial Group believes the best is yet to come in the development of technologies, health sciences, and transportation.  The group is founded on optimistic principles, a “can do” spirit and the belief in the goodness of people. 

With a heavy slant toward risk management, the team at PFG has a healthy appreciation for growth and the growth opportunities investments can provide.  The growth and transfer of comprehensive wealth is what provides future generations the opportunity to compound the work of their ancestors. The growth of wealth over generations and assisting in creating generational wealth is what excites us the most.