Welcome to Potocsny Financial Group LLC

At the Potocsny Financial Group our mission is to be a partner and loyal advocate for you and your family.

Potocsny Financial Group (PFG) provides full-service fiduciary investment guidance through a partnership with International Assets Advisory LLC, Royal Bank of Canada, and RBC Capital Markets.   Together, with this support, PFG will provide you and your family with quality, objective, and cost-effective financial advice.

We provide unbiased, objective financial advice on an advisory platform. Our team believes in providing clients access to high quality opportunities and information. Our team believes in being your “friend in the business”. 

After over 25 years of industry experience, working with major Wall Street firms, The Potocsny Financial Group LLC has decided to bring “Wall Street” options and opportunities to “Main Street”.  Our philosophy is that we “work” for our clients.

We will work with you to build a fully customized financial strategy that will include assistance in helping you acquire, grow, protect, and eventually, transfer your comprehensive wealth.

Beginning with a complete analysis of your current goals and resources, our group will help you make sense of complex financial markets and allow you to identify opportunities with resources typically used by institutions and endowments.

After a thorough review, together we build a customized financial plan you can identify with and work through - a financial and investment plan personal to you and your needs.

No matter your objectives, Potocsny Financial Group is committed to providing the clear unbiased guidance and investment advice essential for your success, every step of the way.