Acquiring Wealth

Whether you’ve already accumulated wealth or are still building your financial nest egg, wealth acquisition is a lifetime effort.

Our team believes wealth acquisition needs to be achieved through diligent planning and seizing opportunities inside both traditional and non-traditional resources.

We help our clients navigate and understand the many opportunities of wealth acquisition including, but not limited to:

  • Employer Retirement Plans
  • Monthly Dividend Strategies
  • Taxable Fixed Income
  • Tax-Free Fixed Income
  • Dividend Reinvestment Strategies
  • Alternative Investments
  • Executive Compensation Plans
  • Stock & Equity Options
  • Covered Call Plans
  • Private Equity
  • Private Real Estate
  • REITS - Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Tax Deferred Annuities
  • Insurance

Our team will help you navigate the prospects of wealth acquisition, including those you may have overlooked.

One differentiator of our firm is that we utilize individual stocks and bonds. We believe in our clients investing in quality companies at reasonable prices.

Our group is also a strong believer in managing risk through individual bonds vs. bond funds. This allows us to control rates, duration, and credit risk for our clients.

Alternative Investing

Offering alternative investments is another aspect that differentiates PFG from other traditional financial advisors. Diversification of investment opportunities is one of our four cornerstones. Investing in alternative investments can statistically reduce correlation to traditional asset classes and may decrease overall portfolio volatility.

When appropriate, PFG believe. in all forms of alternative investments and may recommend the asset class. Examples of alternative investments include:

  • Private Real Estate
  • Private Equities
  • Precious Metals
  • Hedge Funds
  • Commodities
  • Mastered Limited Partnerships

Alternative investments may enhance your portfolio. Unlike many financial advisors, PFG engages these options and welcomes these opportunities.